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Astrologer - Medium - Intuitive

Although always aware of his abilities, Mark didn’t begin the earnest pursuit of developing his talents until shortly after his 30th birthday. Beginning first with private training from a well-known psychic in Las Vegas, he continued his studies by beginning a formal education in Astrology in 1995. He enrolled in classes with Las Vegas Astrologer Stacey Dean, and was a student for several years before setting out on his own. Mark balanced a successful marketing career with his true passion of using his talents to help and heal others for many years, but is now fully devoted to his passion.


Consultations with Information You can use!

Mark's unique style of using Astrology, the Tarot as well as his natural abilities as a Medium ensures you receive pertinent and relevant information you can apply to your life.  The goal is not to tell you how to live, but provide you with knowledge that can help you decide for yourself.


Healing with a Heart

Mark places your well being at the forefront of each consultation. By applying Compassion, Empathy and Respect, Mark provides you with the personal attention you deserve and require to properly experience this process.  


Why see Mark?

Through the course of our lives, we experience trials and tribulations which cause us to lose our footing. Although there are many valid paths one can take to get back on track, Mark offers an alternative method furnishing information from sources which cannot be accessed by normal channels.  

How does a typical consultation go?

You provide your birth information (date/time/location) to Mark prior to the consultation.  A time is chosen and the meeting takes place either in person, by phone or via Skype.  Mark always begins with Angel Cards to set the mood.  Having studied your birth chart ahead of time, Mark will review planetary trends that are present right now in your birth chart .  He will also use the Tarot to focus in on more specific issues and concerns.  Of course, loved ones who have passed always make their presence known and serve as guides through your experience. Each consultation is very unique and personal.

Do I have to believe in Astrology or the Tarot?

Of course not, but it will help if you come with an open mind.

How much does it cost?

Depending on what you're looking for, prices vary.  Typically, around $150 for an hour+ consultation.  Contact me either in the form below or at: mark@astralmedium.com.

I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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What People are Saying


What people are saying about their experience with Mark:

"Mark has remarkable insight from Heaven that always gives me peace, comfort and confidence.  He has been chosen to share messages from our angels and love ones that bring clarity and understanding.  Every session clears unnecessary distractions and turns things into meaningful focus".  - Beckie C.

"I was initially referred to Mark and was honestly a bit skeptical.  Mark was genuine, interested and felt like an old friend right away.  My first reading a year ago, still gives me chills.  So much insights was packed into it and I'm still making connections.  He told me what I anted to hear and needed to hear; and also gave my heart the enlightenment that I would need in the future."  - Jennifer L.